We at Nandhi Technologies are in to the Manufacture of World-Class Quality Pallet Trucks. Our Pallet Truck Ranges include:

  • Hydraulic Pallet Truck
  • High-Lift Pallet Truck
  • Weighing Scale Pallet Truck
  • Stainless Steel Pallet Truck
  • Semi-Electric Pallet Truck
  • Walkie Pallet Truck
  • Rider Pallet Truck

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We Provide a Range of Custom High-Quality and Durable Stackers to maintain your Transport Needs to your Business. We Provide following Types of Stackers which can be Applicable & utilized based on your Needs:

  • Manual Stackers
  • Semi-Electric Stackers
  • Electric Stackers
  • Electric Reach Stackers
  • Counter-Balance Stackers
  • Reach Stackers.

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Innovation & Customer-Benefits are our Main Goals and thus we always strive to Provide Design & Develop Material Handling Equipments which helps to lift and Transport your Goods with Ease. We provide following Types of Lifting Equipments:

  • Scissor Lifts
  • Forklifts
  • Goods Lift

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We provide very Efficient & Effective Functioning Products like Reach Trucks & Platform Trucks which are capable of carrying Heavy Load Goods and can be transported with ease. These are ideal to be used in various places like Airports, Warehouses, Railway Workshops, Fertilizers Plants, Chemical Factories and of course at your Business to carry Heavy Materials from One place to another.

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We are Manufacturers and Suppliers of Best-Quality Tow Trucks, Four-Way Trucks, Asiel Trucks and Many More types of Material Handling Equipments. We craft these with Innovative Techniques that makes the Product to be very efficient to carry Heavy Loads and are tested on stiff Quality Perimeters.

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Our Stainless & Durable Attachments are very much Useful to your Warehousing & Transportation needs to easily Move Goods and Load it from your Factory / Location to the Vehicle. 

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Our Equipment Products will be delivered to your Place and Installed by our Technical Personnel thus, saving you the risk of Electrical/Mechanical Damages that might happen due to wrong Installation.

We also Undertake Job-works like Customized Fabrication.